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How can I register for HIBELOVE?

-To activate the account, you can use the form on the home page, or click on the buttons of the main social networks, which will make the operation faster.

Once you have completed this phase, you will immediately be sent an email, which you will need to open for validation. From that moment on you will be a new member of HIBELOVE.

Can people with any sexual orientation register in HIBELOVE?

- There are no distinctions in HIBELOVE. The site allows the registration of any sexual orientation (heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual).

I tried to sign up, but my email is already in use?

--If you have already registered your address, you can request a password reset. At that point you will be sent an email, where you can verify your registration and understand if someone used your address inappropriately


What is the difference between SUBSCRIPTION AND "IMPROVE YOUR PROFILE"?

-The subscription allows you to use all the powers and functions of HIBELOVE more advanced. Any Gold subscription allows you to access all the features of the site. The Gold subscription does not include the "Improve your profile" option.

The option can be activated with different subscription formulas. You will have the Gold option available for 3 days, for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. The rates are extremely low in this start-up phase.

-With the standard option (not paid), you can view all profiles, you can send like, receive, but you will not be enabled to send messages, start chats or video calls, unless you are talking to a paying member

-With the option "Improve your profile", you can make sure that your profile is always among the first and therefore have the widest visibility. The option "Improve your profile" provides for the purchase of tokens, which you can use in the most appropriate way that you will feel.


How can I delete my profile?

- At any time, you can decide to delete your profile. To perform the operation you will have to go to the settings menu at the top and bring to the last item "DELETE THE PROFILE". By entering your password, you will cease your subscription.


Is the HIBELOVE sketch automatically renewed when it expires?

NO, HIBELOVE is currently the only social dating site, which does not include any automatic renewal and we are proud of it!

We consider this choice to be deeply ethical. Automatic renewal is never well liked by users. It is correct that the user is aware of the renewal of his subscription and can then decide whether to reactivate it, do it later or cancel it. Many sites are enriched with this formula. OUR MISSION IS ONLY SATISFIED USERS


Why do you use TRUSTPILOT?

In Italy we are the first and we think we will remain the only ones. Trustpilot allows a feeback from users, who can post reviews on their experience. We are convinced that transparency is useful to improve and offer the best service and provide a guarantee of reliability to users


Why does not the video call work?

The essential conditions for making and receiving a video call are as follows:

  1. If your browser supports WebRTC technology
  2. If you use the Chrome browser or Apps the mandatory SSL requirement.
  3. For Android applications, WebView must be supported