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Dating safety

Dating safety

Tips for online meetings: We advise you to read our suggestions carefully. Our site carries out continuous checks and is very attentive to the phenomenon "scammers" (frauds). Following our instructions and the caution that follow each time, you can be secured in your search and your meetings.  

Who starts well... It is half the work. So says a famous saying. We think so too.Avoid inserting within your profile information that can lead simply to your person. Do not include in your account, phone numbers, emails, addresses, places you visit, your last name. If possible, create an exclusive email address for online meetings, it could be useful.Never give your password to anyone and make sure it is secure. Make sure your pc is protected with an appropriate antivirus and firewall.

Before a meeting... try to understand well who you are talking to. You must be able to put your maximum trust before a match.Check the veracity of a profile and if you have any doubts, please let us know. If you have doubts, ask for more photos, ask to be able to make a video call or to make a call. Therefore avoid using the mobile phone at the beginning and use the call and video calling tools made available by Hibelove (make sure you have adequate bandwidth, being high-quality services).If you are asked for money for any reason, it is very likely that you may be a victim of scammers, fraudsters (see chapter scammers) and report about it immediately!We are always active in the controls, but it is important to be aware that these scams exist.Only when you have trusted the person with whom you have come into contact, release the contacts so that you can organize the meeting.   

The first meeting... Assuming that fortunately the unpleasant and / or dangerous encounters are rare, it is important to know:Make sure that the meeting takes place in a public place and worn a friend or acquaintance, so that they know where you are and make sure that there is a way to withdraw (let the friend know when the meeting ended).From the first meeting, try to know the person as much as possible. Do not be hasty, surely you will understand better if you are in front of the person who is suitable for you or in any case you can refrequent.  

During the meeting... Use time as long as you need to know that person. If you are meeting with a person in a foreign country, keep in mind the cultural differences and not be in a hurry to learn the culture and understand what the other person expects from your relationship. Spend as much time as possible in order to know the other person, do not rely solely on emails or instant messaging. Investing more time to get to know the person better before things become serious will help you avoid mistakes that could cost you dear. 

After the first meeting... If you have decided to meet the person again and start relationship, try to get to know his family and his friends. Try to relate as much as possible your past, its origins and its customs (especially if foreign).In many countries, even in the West, there are customs that we Italians are not used to. In this regard, read the links on foreign women. And if they are flowers, they flourish. Every year millions of people meet online and decide to start a life together.You can be one of them.

Good luck from HiBelove!